Welcome to the Brow and Lash Boutique at Salon Monet -
The Brow and Lash Boutique at Salon Monet specializes in eyelash extensions, brow shaping, and facial threading.  Our staff of certified eyelash extensionists and licensed beauticians, have been featured in "Best Added Glam"  Beauty Award by Stuff At Night Magazine, and continue to be the top service provider in the BackBay and on Newbury Street.
The Brow and Lash Boutique is a division Salon Monet, an award winning full-service hair salon.

* All photos on the Brow and Lash Boutique website are of actual clients.

"... Darla is a local legend for her fabulously flutter-ready extensions in silk and Siberian mink..." STUFF AT NIGHT Magazine 

"...The eyelash extension treatments, which are considered some of the best in the area, come in such high-end materials as silk and Siberian mink. The treatment, which normally takes around 90 minutes, requires to individually apply strands to a client’s natural lashes, where they are glued in place. With proper care, they can expect to last throughout your natural eyelash replacement cycle, which is every 60-90 days. She also offers eyebrow extensions and brow shaping, for those looking for an all-around “eye makeover”.   BACK BAY PATCH

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